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Advocacy Center

using data to educate and arm citizens

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About Advocacy Center Inc.

The public’s ability to access timely and thorough information regarding American corporations is limited by the maze of shell corporations these organizations act under. Advocacy Center, Inc. seeks to bring these organizations into the sunlight by leveraging Big Data software techniques and publicly available datasets.

Founded in 2019, Advocacy Center Inc. is led by Anthony Cimino a proven software leader who has delivered solutions for a variety of industries. Beginning in the late 1990’s, Anthony established his credentials by overhauling the Neuberger & Berman Management website, creating the UX interface for Apple’s Developer Connection site, and leading the global redesign of the Greenpeace websites. For the past decade he has led his own software firm providing services to non-profits organizations.

Advocacy Center is a 501(c)3 non-profit.

Board of Directors

Anthony Cimino - Executive Director, Advocacy Center Inc.
George Farah - Partner, Handley Farah & Anderson
Dr. Sebastian Mondet - Tezos
Marcey Rader-Rhodenbaugh - Productivity Performance Speaker
Suzanne Walsh - Researcher